Albania SUV Rental

Looking for a professional Albania SUV rental company? The Lada Guys grew out of Drive Albania 4×4 tours (you can check out our client reviews on the independent website kimkim – clue, we have five stars).

Drive Albania’s core business is arranging 4×4 road trip packages across Albania and the western Balkans, including vehicle, accommodation, route-planning and road books. However, we’ve also had a lot of requests from clients who simply want to hire a good quality SUV then go off and do their own thing and find their own adventure in Albania. For 2020 we decided to set up a sub-brand focused purely on Albania SUV rental and hire. As we’re known for being the only company in the region using Lada Niva 4x4s the name was obvious – The Lada Guys.

Most of our SUVs are new (2017 and 2018 model) 3-door Lada Nivas – the iconic Russian off-roader that has been produced since 1977 with only minor visual changes. We also have one 5-door Niva with suspension lift, safari-style roof-rack and off-road tyres, which is ideal for four or even five adults – there is a huge amount of space in the back. All of our cars come with air-conditioning, but these are Russian units and do sometimes go wrong (please feel free to write to Vladimir Putin if this happens during your road trip)!   

Lada Nivas are simple, robust and very easy to drive, even for people who have little or no experience of driving off-road. In our view there’s no better SUV to tackle Albania’s mountain tracks.

Lada Niva 3-door

Our Lada Niva 3-doors are suitable for couples, three close friends, or families with small children. 

Lada Niva 5-door

We have one 5-door Lada Niva with suspension raise, safari-style roof rack and off-road tyres. 


We also have two seven-seater UAZ minivans. These are available only with one of our own drivers at the wheel.

The Lada Guys

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