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About The Lada Guys

Who Are The Lada Guys?

We adopted the banner The Lada Guys as we’re known for driving Ladas, apparently, and are guys, definitely.

Why Lada Nivas?

To our mind, there’s simply no better car for Albanian road conditions. The Niva is small, light, robust and incredibly simple. They go quite literally anywhere. And they also have that all-important “X-Factor” – they ooze charisma and the attention they get is astonishing. It’s quite normal to be pulled over by the police just so they can take a look.

The Lada Guy Difference

Generally when you hire a 4×4 or SUV, you’ll be given a list of terms and conditions so prohibitive that you’ll be scared to take it off asphalt. We’re different – when you hire a Lada Niva 4×4 from us, we want you to drive off-road. That’s the whole point of a 4×4. We’re not concerned by minor scratches to the paintwork (though we do expect you to drive responsibly). We want you to have fun with your Lada and use it as Brezhnev intended. Read our full terms and conditions here.     

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