You do not have to buy additional insurance if you take the car into Kosovo.

If you enter neighbouring countries, you must purchase a Green Card for the cover to be effective. The Green Card can be bought at the border as you leave Albania, €15 for Montenegro and €40 for North Macedonia and lasts 15 days.

For the countries where Green Card is required we also apply a CBF “Cross Border Fee” of and additional €40. We do apply this fee in order to be able to assist you in those countries in case of necessity.

We’re happy for you to drive our Ladas in Albania, Kosovo, Montenegro and North Macedonia. Unfortunately we can’t let you take them into Croatia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Serbia, Bulgaria or Greece.


Pay an Extra €80 for Full Cover

If you want complete peace of mind, we recommend you purchase our full cover when you hire the vehicle, at an additional €80. This covers the full value of the vehicle in the event of an accident in which is deemed by the authorities to be your fault.

This isn’t permission for you to destroy the car when you take it off-road, though! Damage caused by careless driving resulting in broken suspension components, such as shock absorbers or steering arms, and damage to the chassis or under-body of the car or a flooded engine are not covered by any insurance policy!

We ask you to be mindful that we are a small outfit, and to treat our vehicles as if they are your own.


Cash Damage Deposit of €300

Because we assume you are going to take our cars off road, we ask for a cash damage deposit of €300. This will be returned in full assuming you return the car undamaged.

We take this deposit even if you have paid the €80 extra for full cover, mainly as an incentive for you to drive responsibly when you take the car off-road.

What You’re Covered For

  • Third-party damage if it is deemed by the authorities to be the other party’s fault.

What You’re NOT Covered For (Unless You Buy Full Cover for €80)

  • 100% of the cost of any damage caused in a collision and it is not the car’s fault.
  • Dented body panels in the incident (i.e. reversing into a post or similar damage caused by careless driving).
  • Broken windows or lights.

What You’re NOT Covered For Under Any Circumstances

  • Careless driving resulting in under-body, chassis & suspension damage.
  • Tyres (flat tyres can usually be repaired by any tyre shop; however, if we need to replace the tyre we will take €150 from your deposit).
  • Convergence – if you knock the steering out of alignment we will take €100 from your deposit for new convergence.
  • Damage incurred by driving a road specifically prohibited by us. Currently we prohibit our cars being driven the off-road section to Gjipe beach and the trails to the Lura National Park, as underbody damage or destroyed tyres are inevitable.
  • Loss of vehicle documentation (we will retain your deposit in full).
  • Engine destruction / damage due to attempting to cross rivers and deep water.
  • Loss of ancillary components such as jack, snow chains, tools etc.
  • Loss of car licence plate(s) following a minor accident (we will retain the deposit in full).
  • Loss of personal possessions from the car due to theft or any other cause.
  • Damage to tents or camping equipment supplied with the vehicle.
  • Damage to the interior of the car, i.e. spillages (we will take a cleaning fee of €80 from your deposit).
  • Paint damage caused by sun-cream or chemical / solvent spillages.
  • Travel in Croatia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Serbia, Bulgaria or Greece.

Read The Small Print

By making a payment to us, you confirm that you’ve read and agreed with our full terms and conditions, which you can find by following the link below. 

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