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Winter weekend special

We’re The Lada Guys…

…and we have a small fleet of new (2017 and 2018 model) Lada Niva 4x4s available for hire.

Unlike many SUV hire agencies, we don’t try to stop you taking our 4x4s off-road. In fact, we encourage you to (we grew out of 4×4 tour specialist Drive Albania)! If you want to truly discover Albania, there’s no avoiding unpaved and often badly maintained dirt tracks. And there’s no better car for this kind of terrain than the legendary Lada Niva 4×4.

Lada Nivas are small, light, simple and permanent four-wheel drive. They have a low range transfer case and diff lock – both operated by good old-fashioned levers, not tricksy computers. Even a driver who’s not used to such challenging conditions as Albanian mountain tracks can easily understand the basic principles, and drive these little machines with confidence.

Having a serious 4×4 to explore Albania, rather than a standard road car, will be the difference between a normal road trip and a once-in-a-lifetime adventure. 

Winter Weekend Special

3-door Lada Niva 4×4


Pick-up from 09.00 Friday, return before 17.00 Monday
Offer valid till 23 March 2020
Includes snow chains!


Our Ladas have full CASCO insurance provided by Intersig Albania, covering 90% of the value of the vehicle. For full peace-of-mind, you can purchase 100% cover for an additional €50 when you hire one of our Ladas. Find out more

Albania 4x4 Tours

Want a planned tour, with accommodation, routes and road-books? Visit our Drive Albania website

Cross-Border Travel

Our Lada Nivas have full CASCO insurance for Albania & Kosovo – you do not have to buy additional insurance if you take the car into Kosovo. If you want to visit neighbouring countries, you can buy Green Card insurance as you leave Albania for an additional €40.

UAZ Buhanka

These legendary 4×4 minivans come with one of our own drivers and seat six passengers

Damage Policy

If you choose not to opt in to our full peace-of-mind cover (an additional €60 when you hire the vehicle), we ask for a cash damage deposit of €250. This will be returned in full assuming you don’t return with a bag of Lada parts.

Minor scratches to the paintwork come with the territory and we don’t sweat about them. We do take suspension damage, underbody damage and destroyed tyres seriously, though! Please read our full Albania 4×4 rentals terms and conditions before hiring a Lada with us. 

Courtesy Parking

If you’ve driven your own vehicle down to Albania, you’re welcome to park it in our secure car park while you head off into the mountains with a Lada.

Find The Lada Guys

Our Tirana office (and car park) is close to the Kodra e Diellit complex, to the south of the city. A taxi from the centre of town takes approx five minutes and will cost around 400 lek (€3). Click here for our full address and contact information. 

The Lada Guys