Our Ladas have full CASCO insurance provided by Intersig Albania, which covers 90% of the value of the vehicle. The CASCO cover is valid in Albania and Kosovo – you do not have to buy additional insurance if you take the car into Kosovo.

The CASCO insurance is also valid in neighbouring countries, though you must purchase a Green Card for the cover to be effective. The Green Card can be bought at the border as you leave Albania for €40 and lasts 15 days. If you prefer not to buy the Green Card yourself, we can provide it instead if given advance notice, at a cost of €45.

We’re happy for you to drive our Ladas in Albania, Kosovo, Montenegro and North Macedonia. Unfortunately we can’t let you take them into Croatia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Serbia, Bulgaria or Greece. 


Pay an Extra €50 for Full Cover

If you want complete peace of mind, we recommend you purchase our full cover when you hire the vehicle, at an additional €50. This covers the full value of the vehicle in the event of an accident in which no third party is involved, or a collision which is deemed by the authorities to be your fault.

This isn’t permission for you to destroy the car when you take it off-road, though! Damage caused by careless driving resulting in broken suspension components, such as shock absorbers or steering arms, and damage to the chassis or under-body of the car or a flooded engine are not covered by any insurance policy!

We ask you to be mindful that we are a small tour agency, and to treat our vehicles as if they are your own.


Cash Damage Deposit of €250

Because we assume you are going to take our cars off road, we ask for a cash damage deposit of €250. This will be returned in full assuming you return the car undamaged.

We take this deposit even if you have paid the €50 extra for full cover, mainly as an incentive for you to drive responsibly when you take the car off-road.

What You’re Covered For

  • Third party damage.
  • Collisons.
  • Overturning.
  • Fire, explosion, lightning.
  • Theft.
  • Damage when the car is left unattended.
  • Natural catastrophe.

What You’re NOT Covered For (Unless You Buy Full Cover for €50)

  • 10% of the cost of any damage if no third party is involved, or a collision which is deemed by the authorities to be your fault.
  • Convergence – if you knock the steering out of alignment we will take €50 from your deposit for new convergence.
  • Tyres (flat tyres can usually be repaired by any tyre shop; however, if we need to replace the tyre we will take €100 from your deposit).
  • Dented body panels if no third party was involved in the incident (i.e. reversing into a post or similar damage caused by careless driving).
  • Broken windows or lights if no third party was involved in the incident.

What You’re NOT Covered For Under Any Circumstances

  • Careless driving resulting in under-body, chassis & suspension damage.
  • Damage incurred by driving a road specifically prohibited by us. Currently we prohibit our cars being driven the off-road section to Gjipe beach and the trails to the south of Lura National Park, as underbody damage or destroyed tyres are inevitable. 
  • Loss of vehicle documentation (we will retain your deposit in full).
  • Engine destruction / damage due to attempting to cross rivers and deep water.
  • Loss of ancillary components such as jack, snow chains, tools etc.
  • Loss of car licence plate(s) following a minor accident (we will retain the deposit in full).
  • Loss of personal possessions from the car due to theft or any other cause.
  • Damage to tents or camping equipment supplied with the vehicle.
  • Damage to the interior of the car, i.e. spillages (we will take a cleaning fee of €80 from your deposit).
  • Travel in Croatia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Serbia, Bulgaria or Greece.

Read The Small Print

By making a payment to us, you confirm that you’ve read and agreed with our full terms and conditions, which you can find by following the link below. 

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