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I highly recommend The Lada Guys! We rented a Jeep for almost 2 weeks. The car performed great. Henri recommended us an off-road route - the experience and views were amazing. We had a minor accident and Henri was very helpful with that. The entire organization and cooperation with Henri - great.
Great service, we were positively surprised with the level of professionalism, Henry was very helpful and spoke great English. Any problems with the car were quickly seen to. We had an excellent time in using this service and would highly recommend to anyone.
Best experience ever in Albania!! Reliable cars and great service!
Jona was the best ❤️❤️
Only when something goes wrong you find out what place you rented from. Would recommend!

We rented three 4x4s with our group of friends to visit Albania for a week. The cars were as we expected: functional cars that had clearly been used to go off-road.

Three hours into our first day drive, suddenly one of the cars died on us. We gave Henri a call who gave us two options: wait for a replacement car to be brought over, or leave the car and continue with just the two. Since we fit into two cars we chose the second option as it was already late in the day.

Renting out cars for off road use is an inherently risky business and we understood that we shared in some of that risk. However we didn't think we could have done anything different to avoid our situation. When returning the remaining cars at the end of the week Henri had recovered the broken car, and refunded us the rent of the broken car and gave back the full deposit without any hassle.

Would recommend anyone renting from the The Lada Guys. We had a good experience. They have your back even when things sometimes don't go as planned.
If you are still wondering if you should rent a Lada from the Lada Guys, we would definitely recommend you to do so! We rented a Lada with rooftop tent for 10 days, and it was amazing! The service from Henri is really good and he is available whenever you need help. The car itself is a really basic, no nonsense car which makes it very pleasurable to drive whether you are on gravel, asphalt or off road. The car has an usb charge station and phone holder for navigation. The rooftop tent is easy to set up and fold back in. The added camping gear contains all the basics you need.

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