Lada Niva 4×4 5-door

Looking for Albania Jeep hire? Then consider our Lada Niva 4×4 5-door, with suspension lift, mud-terrain tyres and safari-style roof rack. This simple, rugged off-roader will get you just about anywhere in rural Albania, and has a huge amount of space in the back.

Like the smaller 3-door Niva, it is powered by a 1.7-litre petrol (benzine) engine, and has a low-range box and diff-lock as standard from the factory. It is simple, easy to drive, and surprisingly comfortable on Albania’s dirt tracks.

We recommend that you book early to avoid disappointment – it is in great demand, particularly in summertime for families looking for an off-road adventure. 


Engine size & type: 1.7-litre petrol (benzine)

Transmission: five-speed manual

Four-wheel-drive system: permanent 4×4

Transfer case (high/low range): yes

Diff-lock: yes

Weight: 1425kg

Seats: 4-5 adults

Quoted fuel consumption: 9.5L/100km Europe format

Need More Space?


Our 5-door Lada Nivas are perfect for four or five friends or families with children. But if you need more space, consider a 7-seater UAZ Buhanka (available only with one of our own drivers at the wheel).