Looking for Albania minivan rental? Rather than hire a VW Transporter or Mercedes Vito, why not go for the more adventurous option of the legendary UAZ Buhanka?

We have two Buhankas available to hire, both equipped with air-conditioning. These are the Jubilee special edition, built to celebrate 60 years of continuous production. They came from the factory with nine seats, but we’ve removed two to create more space for luggage and to give passengers more comfort, too. The Buhanka is of course built to go off-road, so is ideal if you want to explore rural Albania or to enjoy a wild-camping trip. Each car has been converted to run on LPG and are very economical. 

Due to the technical nature of these vehicles, we insist on a one-hour familiarisation session with a team member before hand-over. 


Engine size & type: 2.7-litre petrol (benzine) + LPG

Transmission: five-speed manual

Four-wheel-drive system: part-time 4×4

Transfer case (high/low range): yes

Diff-lock: yes

Weight: 2005kg

Seats: 6 adults + driver

Quoted fuel consumption: 12L/100km Europe format

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